Please allow 20-30 minutes for the initial consultation in addition to the allotted treatment time. You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and discuss your health concerns and goals. We will assess your health history including past injuries, conditions and surgeries as well as your physical posture and gait before determining a course of action.

Treatment Rates:

$160 – Initial consultation and 2 hour treatment
$90 – 60 minute treatment
$125 – 90 minute treatment
$160 – 2 hour treatment
Every 5th session gets a 10% discount.

Coaching Rates:

$70 – 90 minute private Yoga/Ayurveda
$45 – 60 minute private Neigong
$65 – 60 minute 2 on 1 Neigong
$70 – 90 minute private Self-myofascial Release
$100 – 90 minute 2 on 1 Self-myofascial Release
Every 5th session gets a 10% discount.

The timing and frequency of future sessions will depend on the severity of the condition and will include self-care instruction; coaching sessions may include Self-myofascial Release, Qigong, breathing exercises, meditation, therapeutic yoga, guided relaxation and dietary recommendations.