“Albert has extensive training both in affecting change in the bodies of others and, as importantly, in his own being. He has been pursuing these endeavours for a very long time. His long-term serious and focused attention on these realms has rendered his presence medicinal and this medicine infuses his practice. I highly recommend and appreciate his dedication and work.”

  • Dr. Claudia Welch, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, International Speaker and Author www.DrClaudiaWelch.com

“I can highly recommend the work and coaching of Jessie Quon after coming for lower back pain and general body stiffness. As a direct correlation of 2 treatments and a coaching session with her, I witnessed tremendous changes in my posture, movement, and flexibility. Her work has helped to enhance my awareness toward maintaining a better body, as well as countering the strain of sitting in a cockpit chair for long hours. It was simply an honour to work with her and gain her guidance; applying the self-care exercises regularly has opened a new world of healing to me. I am truly grateful that I met Jessie, and I would strongly recommend anyone seeking to heal pain, increase flexibility or even attain higher physical awareness.”

  • Capt. Zayn Zayyal, Pilot, Mentor & Explorer

“I have relied on regular massage therapy as part of my health regime for more than 40 years, and I have worked with various different therapists during that time, none better than Albert Lee.  Albert combines an acute understanding of the physiology of the human body with a remarkable breadth of techniques to provide an experience that goes far beyond simple relaxation. In addition, he has a deep presence and empathy that adds immensely to the experience. Albert is a real healer. I cannot recommend him strongly enough.”

  • Howard Ross, Teacher & Best-selling Author

“About 2 years ago I developed a mild to hot pain in my right arm that limited my range of motion and my capacity to carry more than a few kilos without pain or discomfort; I could find no solution to the problem. 1 year ago,  Jessie worked on my arm 3 times, for a total of 2-3 hrs, over a period of several days. I learned that the pain was clearly caused by a nerve that runs from shoulder to finger tips that was misaligned and was being pinched by fascia… Jessie’s deft manipulation of the nerve and affected area resulted in the nerve sliding back into its natural groove. With awareness of the issue and how to prevent it, the pain and limited range of motion and reduced strength has permanently disappeared since…Thank you Jessie keep up the good work!”

  • Rafael Aisner, Wellness Consultant

“Aller chez Albert, ce n’est pas un simple massage, mais une expérience unique pour le corps et l’esprit. Il réussit à délier les tensions profondes et les bienfaits du traitement persistent pendant plusieurs semaines. Il est de loin le meilleur massothérapeute que je connaisse et je prendrais un abonnement hebdomadaire si je le pouvais!”

  • Christine Doyon, Filmmaker

“I first met Albert over 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. He did wonders for my swollen legs and lower back and sacral pain. During my postpartum phase, Albert would come to my house for treatments so I could stay near my son. I have tried many different massage therapists and approaches however I keep returning to Albert as his approach is not only physical but also mental/spiritual.  He has also given me plenty of advice to lead a healthy and stress free life. Lastly, Albert will treat a range of difficulties ranging from chronic headaches, anxiety/stress as well as lower back pain. Thank you Albert!”

  • Sandra Montpetit, Physiotherapist

“Jessie treated me after my second 2000 km journey by skateboard. I had muscle imbalances that were causing me to be in pain pretty consistently, and Jessie’s techniques provided relief beyond what I found anywhere else. With traditional western massage I’m left feeling like the treatment shouldn’t be over; Jessie’s treatments feel complete and thorough, and never hurried. She works with the breath by staying in communication and listening to my breath to guide the session. Her work is very methodical and she is incredibly strong.”

  • Aaron Enevoldsen, Adventurer & Filmmaker

“Some years ago a sports injury left me with major core body problems.  After seeing numerous physiotherapists and specialists with sub-satisfying results I was getting frustrated with the lack of healing progress I was making. Pain and restricted movement became my daily reality. Since working with Jessie I’m amazed that I could feel significant improvement after a few sessions. I have my life back now, thank you!”

  • Tyler Doucette, Store Manager

“When I first went to see Jessie, I was exhausted and had no energy.  During the session, it seemed she knew how and where to touch in just the right way and rhythm with what my body needed. I felt energized, yet very calm.  It was a wonderful experience. I appreciate Jessie’s sensitivity to my needs.  The self-care session has helped me know what to do to keep my body “out of pain” since I have an office job that keeps me in the same position for hours at a time. It’s great to know what I can do to help my own body along.”

  • Vivian Andersen, Nurse

“Jessie is a deep intuitive bodyworker. After receiving many sessions and attending a self-massage workshop in 2005, I have experienced a shift in my body awareness as she has given me tools to work on myself & held space for my transformation. Jessie is dedicated to her healing arts as she continues to further her knowledge through continued studies. Thank you for everything you have given me!”

  • Audrya Chancellor, Sound Healer